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Zirconia Oxide when alloyed with Yttria or Magnesium becomes an extremely hard technical ceramic. These materials are best known as the toughest of ceramics against impact and with inherent fine grain size can be fabricated to allow very fine edges and features. High density and low thermal conductivity are consistent, but electrical properties can vary with high temperature.

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This single crystal optically clear form of ZrO2 has a relatively low fracture toughness and strength, but very high thermal shock resistance. Zirconia is best known among...

Zirconia PSZ are cream colored blends with approximately 10% MgO and are high in toughness, retaining this property to elevated temperatures. They are somewhat...

Zirconia Yttria blends of approximately 3% are called tetragonal zirconia polycrystal or TZP, and have the finest grain size. These grades of Zirconia exhibit...

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