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Find the Material that’s Right for the Job

This tool is intended to help you select materials of interest based on what is most important to your application. Once you specify which properties are most important, the “guide” searches our database of materials and presents you with various materials listing the selected properties ranked as you specify and often includes some other materials provided as references.

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compressive strength
Tungsten Carbide

580 kpsi

Silicon Carbide – Sintered

550 kpsi

Tetragonal Zirconia Polycrystal (TZP)

360 - 700 kpsi

Alumina 99.9%

510 kpsi

Silicon Nitride Si3N4

435 - 500 kpsi

Refrence Materials
Tool Steel

145 - 290 kpsi

Stainless Steel

30.4 kps

Wikipedia Reference(s): compressive strength

All properties values are at room temperature unless otherwise noted. Engineering data are representative, and are not intended as absolute nor warrantable. Data shown is blended from multiple sources and therefore illustrates the marketplace. The relative rankings are approximate and are based on representative values if the particular material has a range of values for a given property.

Please Note: This Designer's guide is compiled of materials currently machined by INSACO and a few others included for reference.