Insaco E-news Volume 1.1

 e-News | Volume 1.1
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Understanding the value of your time, and the pressure that is sometimes placed upon us by sifting through dozens of e-mails, we want to make it very clear that our goal is to provide you, our reader, with information that is of such strong value to you that you will look forward to receiving it on a periodic basis. It will always be brief, to the point, and targeted. We encourage your suggestions and comments so we can best serve your information needs.
NANO: The emerging science of the 21st century...  
As society settles into the 21st century, things are getting smaller and smaller. It’s often been said that it’s becoming a “Nano world”. Nanotechnology is becoming more important in photonics, energy, semiconductor processing, and the medical and life sciences industries. Since Insaco is already a key player in these industries, we are well-suited to continue to offer support in these industries as the technology advances. Frequently organizations pioneering in the nanotechnology field require precision tooling fixtures or substrates made from the ultra hard and impervious materials Insaco routinely processes. Since we do not produce materials, we are free to source or recommend exotic materials from the most appropriate suppliers and then machine and polish to exacting customer requirements.  Some examples of the work done at Insaco involving nanotechnology is in flow cell cytometry for early cancer detection, DNA sequencing support for faster and cheaper test results, as well as fuel cells which have no environmental liability.
Insaco’s new Talyrond tool provides exact measurements every time...
When fabricating pistons/sleeves from ceramic materials having clearances best measured in millionths of an inch, one of the key fabrication requirements is cylindricity. This combination of roundness and straightness is most important to assure a smooth stroke since ceramics don’t deflect, and variability can cause the piston to jam during its stroke.

One tool Insaco relies upon to document cylindricity is one of our newest additions, theTalyrond 365. This instrument easily measures straightness, cylindricity, and roundness on precision ground rods up to 3” diameter and 18” length. Critical requirements are always measured and certified at Insaco, and parts can be individually documented if necessary.