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Please click the image below to visit the page with the video. We compare the toughness of Zirconia versus Macor.

The best, most reliable resource is right before your eyes. For more information or a quote, call 215.536.3500 or email Earning...

INSACO is a world leader in machining complicated technical ceramics for very demanding applications. OEM components for replacement knees, elbows, hips, spines and even...

INSACO engineers will guide you through materials selection and best machining options to guarantee your specs. For more information or a quote call 215.536.3500 or email INSACO recommended...

Enjoy your summer while INSACO focuses on your most demanding precision ceramic parts Precision Machining Backed by Technical Expertise Since 1947 Ability to work with complex...

When you’re hot, you’re HOT! INSACO is a key supplier of sapphire and ceramic parts used onboard the Parker solar probe to help researchers better...

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